About DesignEtte

DesignEtte is a Danish company located in Copenhagen and specializes in knitting and crochet kits for online sales. The designer of the knitted patterns is Camilla Ette Gotfredsen. The company appreciates Scandinavian knitting traditions and we are both environmental and sustainable in our production processes. Our yarn contains 100% pure wool, silk, linen and cotton, as well as a selection of mixed variations. All of our yarn is high quality, soft and luxurious. The models are suitable for all occasions and inspired by international fashion. DesignEtte caters to the discerning knitter who enjoy a high standard and perfection. The patterns vary in experience level, from beginner to seasoned, and are offered in size XS to 3XL.


The creative force of the company is all sourced from life – nature, culture, and the human being which together creates a fine sort of art. By challenging the yarns and their possibilities we select the new qualities from a sustainable point of view.


The Designer Camilla Ette Gotfredsen says..

“From my mother and her sister, who are Swedish and are from a family covered with ballet instructors, ballet dancers, musicians, and textile artist (weavers), I learned two things about knitting and crocheting. My aunt taught me to do everything exactly and never make anything half done, but with a high level of perfectionism. From my own mother, I learned what a beautiful thing it is to be creative and to see this craft as a source to express myself as an artist.”